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About the Book

Welcome to premium culinary entertainment! 

This book is a perfect introduction to discover the wonders of plantain. The unique commentary will definitely make you fall in love.

Renny provides the instructions for easy recipes such as Plantain Fish Bites, Plantain Cupcakes and Plantain Waffles. Bash provides the complementary love letters to make you swoon.

This book comes with full recipes and inspiring colourful pictures of every dish.

For physical copies or electronic copies in the US, please click "buy the book in USD".

For physical copies in Nigeria, you can find them in Roving Heights and Ouida Books. For electronic copies in Naira, please click "buy the book in NGN".

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About Renny

Renny is an up-and-coming freelance chef who began her culinary journey with recipe creations and food photography. She showcases her culinary talents through her food fair series called "The Culinary Boutique by BitesbyRenny".

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About Bash

Bash is the founder of Dodo Gang, a platform he uses to express his creativity while uniting all plantain lovers.

Home: About Us
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